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  Hints and Tips for: A Valley Without Wind 2 
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 A Valley Without Wind 2 Cheats

A Valley Without Wind 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite Mercenary Coins:
Written by klianc09

-=Tired of platforming just to purify a tile?=-
Do you wish this was just a strategy game, without tedious platforming segments?
This guide will show you how to edit your savefile to get infinite mercenary 
coins and skip (almost) all platforming sequences!

-=What are mercenary coins?=-
You get a handfull of mercenary coins by beating bosses. (You encounter them at 
every level-up tower, when getting a higher mage class at the overlord抯 keep 
and very very very rarely in random buildings)
By spending 100 coins, you can instantly purify a region (instead of walking 
through the region and destroying the wind generator). Essentially skipping 
the platforming sequence.

-=Editing your savefile=-
The savefiles for the worlds are located inside your steam install folder at:

搒teamapps\common\A Valley Without Wind 2\RuntimeData\Worlds\?
Inside is a folder for each world you created. Open 搘orld.dat?belonging to
 the world you want to edit with a text editor of your choice (e.g. Notepad).

Editing the number of mercenary coins
Inside that world.dat, there is a line containing 揃eginningOfStatisticSet:WorldStatistics? 
ABOVE that line, there is a line of comma separated numbers. The 9th number from the right 
is the number of mercenary coins you have. Change it to some high value (like 999999) and 
save your change. (Close the game before making your change.)

Congratulations! You now have more mercenary coins than you could ever spend!

So I can skip all platforming?
揝o what you抮e saying is, that I can now play it as a strategy game, without having 
to do any platforming???Sadly, this is not the case. There are several instances 
where you still need to play the platforming sequences to finish the game.

Mandatory platforming sequences that can抰 be skipped with Mercenary Coins:

* Purifying the first region (can be skipped by skipping the tutorial)
* Raiding 11 Level-Up Towers (Level 12 is required to beat the game)
* Hacking 4 robotic research facilities (although hacking 3 research facilities 
  can be sufficient, if the lack of triple jump is compensated with perks that 
  give increased jump power)
* Getting the mage class upgrades at Level 3, 6, 9, and 12 (Technically not required, 
  but drastically simplify the platforming)
* Purifying a tile of type Craggy Highlands (This includes the two Citadels you need 
  to purify to beat the game)
* Defeating demonaica
* Also getting a level-up tower seems to reduce the danger to NPCs near it.

Although not all platforming can be skipped, this trick allows to cut out some repetitive 
parts of the game and let抯 you focus a bit more on the strategic aspect of the game.

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